In 2002 we bought a vacant farmhouse somewhere in between Wervik and Geluveld. Our main goal was to enjoy the rural peace and quiet after our busy business life.


After some research, we were able to find out the history of the farmhouse. Since it was then arriere-fief of “the domain Ter Elst”, a pigeon house had been built. This determined the power of the land lord by jurisdiction. A notification of it had been well preserved dating back from 1739.  During the first World War, however, the farmhouse was entirely demolished.


Following reconstruction in 1922, it has changed ownership several times. While there were many hectares of farmland attached initially, these were sold whilst the buildings remained in dilapidation, allowing erosion to do its work.  After several years of no occupancy, we were able to purchase the property and its total acreage of five hectares.


My husband, a third generation building contractor, took the restoration work to heart, restoring the historical value of the site within 15 months.